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Value First Brings You Choices, Solutions & Savings

At first, we were reluctant, when Mr. Bernal approached us with the Value First Program. However, after reviewing the Value First Cost Analysis we were surprised at the savings. Thank you, LeadingAge Florida!

~Caridad Vinas, CEO / President Canterbury Tower

Value First is already a part of your community! By this we are saying that 95% of the time, your community is already using Value First contracted vendors. There are few instances that an alternative vendor may be the best way to go, however that decision would be based on the pricing facts that we will provide you, all we ask is to give your association an opportunity to identify better pricing from the same vendor you are using. All this is made possible with the dedicated and experienced team that works with all the LeadingAge States, the LeadingAge Florida Value First rep, and with our national partnership with the largest Long-Term Care Group Purchasing Organization in MedAssets.

Our focus, passion and goal is to save you money!

What doesn’t change?
• The Sales Rep you have developed a relationship with, remains the same.
• Your scheduled delivery dates, remains the same.
• Your current operational practices with the vendor, remains the same.
• Your contact information with your vendor, remains the same.

A few minutes of your time can bring savings to your community. Since 2013, Value First has conducted approximately 1,500 cost studies for its members across 24 states, and has delivered savings over 90% of the time!

What is a Cost Study?
Cost study reports provide a snapshot of what you could be paying the same vendor through Value First. As a member of LeadingAge Florida, you have access to special prices negotiated with hundreds of vendors. The current catalog carries more than 400 vendors, from Medical, Food Distributors, Environmental, Office Supplies and Physical Plant.

The Process to Conduct Cost Reports:
All we need to conduct an “apples to apples” price comparison is one month of your expenditure data. For example, with a Medical Cost report, you should already receive a monthly report from your vendor with the following information:
• Item number
• Product descriptions
• Quantity
• Price

You do not have to create this document! Simply forward one of your monthly reports to me. You can scan it, email it, fax it, mail it, or I welcome the opportunity to pick it up from your community personally.

The process is completely and totally transparent, no guessing or estimating - REAL NUMBERS. After the cost analysis is completed, I will present you with the findings. These cost reports are also routinely conducted for food expenditures, environmental and office supply expenses.

If you want to try it on a smaller scale, simply send four or five receipts of your most recent office supply expenses, the expensive items such as cartridges, toners, etc., and I can do a quick cost analysis.

A recent office expense report completed for a Southwest Florida
community came back with a 31% savings! YES - 31% savings

Value First might not always come in with a lower price… but I can tell you that the majority of the time WE DO! Today there are 225 LeadingAge Florida members enrolled and using ValueFirst on a regular basis. For the past five consecutive quarters we have seen an increase in members buying through these vendors. LeadingAge Florida had a 42% increase in 2015 over 2014 sales revenue, something seems to be working!

We have but a few communities not signed up. The signing up part is as easy as the cost reports. By signing a Participation Agreement, which I will provide you, and MedAssets assigns you an I.D. number. Your I.D. number is then provided to the contracted vendors and your discounted pricing is applied immediately.

To be clear … this agreement does not commit you to use our program exclusively, nor is there a fee to participate, or a minimum purchase requirement!

We encourage our members to look for the very best price - that is our goal, that is our responsibility to you, so all we ask is to give us a try!

While undergoing a large addition to our 198 unit affordable housing complex in Jacksonville Beach last year, we took the opportunity to check prices with Value First on many items we use, as well as some large items needed for construction - such as elevator services. We found Value First provided not only great service but great savings as well.

~Melissa T. Gilreath, Executive Director, Elderly Housing Management Corporation

We know your commitment to the mission of your community and your stewardship of financial resources. Let us continue to be your extended staff and assist in identifying savings.

Give Bobby a call at (850) 671-3700, or mobile (850) 509-8112, or email him at

To view a complete list of Value First vendors, please click here.

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