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Affordable Housing Archived Updates

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Milred and Claude Pepper Towers Re-Dedication Ceremony – On Tuesday, May 8, the Mildred and Claude Pepper Towers (Towers), an EHDOC community and LeadingAge Florida member, celebrated its re-dedication ceremony. Steve Protulis, Executive Director of EHDOC and LeadingAge Florida board member, said that with the help of many, including Wells Fargo, HUD and the State of Florida, EHDOC was able to provide over $9 million dollars in renovations to the Towers. Furthermore, Protulis said the ceremony was one of “Renovation for Life Enrichment and Renewal” celebrating the lives of the Towers’ seniors and demonstrating that together we can accomplish much. The ceremony included remarks by Tony Fransetta, President, Florida Alliance Retired Americans; John Benton, Director, Miami HUD Office; Rick Davis, Managing Director, Wells Fargo; Audrey Edmonson, Miami-Dade County Commissioner; Cynthia Stafford, State Representative; and Steve Protulis. Judy Johnson, LeadingAge Florida Region Chair- Southeast Region, and David Steinhardt, Director of Business Development, attended on behalf of LeadingAge Florida. Congratulations on this great achievement!

Photo from L to R:
Rick Davis, Tony Fransetta, Audrey Edmonson, Cynthia Stafford, John Benton, Steve Protulis

Housing Alert - January 27, 2012

  1. Affordable Housing Bill Update - FAHSA/LeadingAge Staff Meet with Department of Business and Professional Regulation to Discuss SB 454/HB 249
  2. Extensions of Rent Supplement and RAP Contracts for 2012 and Beyond
  3. HUD to Launch New Online Training Program About REAC Inspections
  4. 2012 HOME Rent and Income Limits Published
  5. New Resource Illustrates Successful Links Between Housing and Services for Persons with Disabilities
  6. U.S. Legislators Introduce Housing Tax Credit Legislation
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Housing Alert - January 20, 2012

  1. Free PRAC Budget-Based Rent Increase Training
  2. HUD: FY12 Funds Sufficient for Renewal of PRAC Contracts and Senior Programs
  3. LeadingAge Seeks to Add Housing with Services as Part of the Older Americans Acts
  4. HUD Publishes HOME Program Proposed Rule
  5. Resources on Elderly Homeless
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Housing Alert - January 13, 2012

  1. HUD Reinforces Intent to Use Residual Receipts, Other Actions, To Limit FY2012 Funds for Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance
  2. HUD Issues Revised Form for Affirmative Fair Marketing Plan
  3. Guidance Provided to Apply for FY2012 Funds to Extend Service Coordinators
  4. HUD Clarifies Documentation Needed in Tenant Selection Plan
  5. Study Tours, Including Housing and Services, to be Conducted by LeadingAge Partners CAST and IAHSA -- First Tour Registration Deadline Feb. 1
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Housing Alert - January 6, 2012

  1. FAHSA/Leading Age Florida’s Affordable Housing Conference
  2. HUD Expands Capacity to Communicate in 175 Languages
  3. HUD Awards $1.5 Billion to Over 7,100 Local Homeless Programs, Including 331 in Fla.
  4. Florida Ranks 3rd Nationally in Number of Homeless
  5. Housing Assisted Living Conversion Grants Awarded by HUD to Projects in Five States
  6. Florida Homeless Program Highlighted in the Latest Issue of HUD’s On-line Research Publication 
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Housing Alert - December 23, 2011

  1. HHS FY2012 Appropriations Enacted as Part of the Omnibus Appropriations
  2. HUD Proposes Draft Rules to Tighten Oversight of the HOME Program
  3. Jacksonville Hub Publishes Latest Issue of On-line Newsletter
  4. HUD Notice Extends the Authority for Subordination of Section 202 Financing

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Housing Alert - December 16, 2011

  1. FAHSA Welcomes Casey Stoutamire as Director of Housing
  2. Older Americans Act FY2012 Appropriations Remains Uncertain
  3. Advocacy Needed on the Older Americans Act
  4. New Federal Program Provides Incentives for States to Expand Home and Community-Based Services
  5. HUD Identified Anticipated Actions With FY2012 Funds for Sections 202 and 811 Programs
  6. Senate Aging Committee to Conduct Forum “Aging in America: Future Challenges, Promise and Potential”

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Housing Alert - December 9, 2011

  1. HUD Clarifies Earlier Memo with Proposed Policy Change with the Use of Residual Receipts for Certain Section 8 Project-Based Rent Adjustments
  2. Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide Posted on HUD Website
  3. LeadingAge Conducts Tele-Town Hall on Impact of Super Committee Failure
  4. HHS FY2012 Appropriations May Become Part of an Omnibus Appropriation Bill
  5. NOFA deadline for Tenant Resources Network Extended Until Jan. 4, 2012
  6. HUD Announces NOFA for Section 202 Pre-development Grants
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Housing Alert - December 2, 2011

  1. Effective Immediately - HUD Releases Income Limits for Multifamily Housing That Became Effective Dec. 1
  2. HUD Issues Memo Outlining Potential Actions to Tap Residual Receipts and Make Other Section 8 Policy Changes
  3. FAHSA Collaborates With LeadingAge to Preserve Rent Adjustments for Section 202 and Other Housing Members with HUD Proposed Changes
  4. Congress Proceeds with Across-the-Board Cuts Following Failure of Super Committee to Reach an Alternative Agreement
  5. HUD Issues Notice for New Procedures with Delinquent Section 202 Direct Loans
  6. Three Florida Communities Win HUD 2011 Sustainable Community Awards
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Housing Alert - November 23, 2011

  1. The House of Representatives Rejects Balanced Budget Amendments
  2. This Year’s Section 202 and Section 811 Projects Funded in Florida
  3. FAHSA To Collaborate With LeadingAge to Seek to Restore Section 202 New Construction Funds
  4. HUD Clarifies Rules to Streamline Disaster Recovery Benefits  
Click here to read more about each issue in Housing Alert 11-43

Housing Alert - November 18, 2011

1. Section 202 Funds Cut In Conference Report for FY2012 Minibus Appropriations
2. HUD FY2012 Appropriations and Next Steps With Continuing Resolution
3. Nov. 23 Deadline Approaches for Debt Reduction Super Committee
4. HUD Awards Section 202 Funds to Develop Affordable Senior Housing in Florida
5. Free Webinar on Trends in Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Programs
6. Input Opportunity for Modules in the HUD 2013 American Housing Survey 
Click here to read more about each issue in Housing Alert 11-42

Housing Alert - November 10, 2011

1. White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Provides Opportunity to Vote to Reduce the Number of MORs
2. HUD Proposes New Rules for HOME, Funding Level Still Undetermined
3. HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing Appointed
4. Volunteer Florida Seeks Applications for 2012 BEST Neighborhoods Grants
5. Bipartisan Policy Center Launches Housing Commission to Study National Housing
6. Florida Housing Finance Corporation Proposed Rulemaking and Meetings
7. Proposals for the LeadingAge Annual Conference Due Nov. 18
Click here to read more about each issue in Housing Alert 11-41
HUD 11-40
  1. Senate Passes HUD FY2012 Appropriations, Next Steps
  2. HUD Announces CDBG, HOME and Other Awards for Florida
  3. Administration Promotes Project Rebuild to Assist Neighborhoods with Foreclosures
  4. REAC Updates - Tips, Holiday Dates, Training
  5. FHFC to Hold Public Hearings Nov 8. on Tax-Exempt Bonds
  6. Dec. 7 Deadline for Medicare Options Sign-Up 
HUD 11-39
  1. Critical Time for FY2012 Funding for HUD Housing Programs
  2. Administration Actions to Strengthen Section 202 Program
  3. Rural Housing Programs Cut in FY2012 Appropriations
  4. HUD Guidelines for Reserve Funds for Restructured M2M Properties
  5. HUD Issues Notice (H-2011- 29) on Tenant Participation
  6. AARP Study on Impact of Recession on Housing for Older Adults
  7. HUD Charges Florida Property with Disability Discrimination 


HUD 11-38
  1. HUD Announces Final FY2012 Fair Market Rents (FMRs) for Housing Vouchers
  2. SSA Announces Social Security and SSI Cost-of-Living Increase of 3.6%
  3. FAHSA HUD News Alert on the New Tenant Resource Network Program
  4. LeadingAge Joins Others to Oppose HUD Notice for Bed Bugs
  5. HUD Issues Guidance for the General Section of the FY2012 NOFA
  6. NCRC Announces Grants for Older Persons Empowerment
  7. Jacksonville HUD Multifamily Hub Launches New Newsletter 

HUD 11-37
  1. HUD Issues Section 202 FY2010 PRAC Operating Costs
  2. Timeframe Tight for Congressional Deficit Reduction Committee
  3. HUD Notice on Changes With the Combined FY2010-FY2011 NOFA
  4. Webinar Set for HAC Rural Housing Grant NOFA
  5. Green Buildings Webinar To Be Held Next Week
  6. Housing Sessions at LeadingAge Annual Conference

HUD 11-36
  1. FAHSA's 28th Annual Affordable Housing and Service Coordinator Conference
  2. Florida Department of Community Affairs Restructure Within the New Department of Economic Opportunities
  3. New Grant Funding Available for Rural Senior Housing
  4. Florida AAAs become Aging and Disabilities Resource Centers
  5. FL SHINE Program Provides Objective Guidance with Medicare Options
  6. Open House for Florida Facility Funded by HUD Green Retrofit Grant

HUD 11-35
  1. FAHSA Housing and Service Coordinator Conference
  2. Senate Appropriation Committee Cuts Section 202 FY2012 Funds
  3. Advocacy Needed to Restore Funding for Affordable Senior Housing
  4. Quick Action Being Taken to Prevent Shutdown Over FY2012 CR
  5. HUD Management Issues Among Timely Topics Addressed at the FAHSA Housing & Service Coordinator Meeting
  6. Need Housing Assistance?

HUD 11-34
  1. HUD Announces FY2010 Service Coordinator Awards
  2. HUD Report on Service Coordinators Role With Aging in Place
  3. FY2010 ROSS Grants for Service Coordinators in Public Housing Also Announced
  4. HUD Webcasts Available for Energy Innovation NOFA and Other Issues
  5. University of Miami Receives HUD Grant to Study Sustainable Communities
HUD 11-33
  1. The Fiscal Year 2010 Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator grant announcements
  2. Timely opportunity to learn the latest on MORs, PRCA, EIV and other HUD management issues at the FAHSA Housing & Service Coordinators Conference
  3. House Appropriations Subcommittee Cuts Funds for the Section 202 Program
  4. Another Continuing Resolution for HUD senior housing and other programs
  5. LeadingAge clarifies role of PBCAs with Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR)
  6. North Tampa Housing Development Corp announces APPS update for partners
HUD 11-32
  1. Leading Age Announces Program for Energy Efficiency in Senior Housing
  2. HUD Announces $25 Million Grants Available for Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Housing Pilot Program
  3. HUD Releases its Annual State of Fair Housing Report
  4. FY2009 Section 202 development awardees published in Federal Register
  5. HUD Announces NOFA of $1.63 Billion Grants for Homeless Programs
  6. HUD Posts Document Package for Tenant's Consent to Release Information

HUD 11-31
  1. HUD Releases Proposed FY2012 Fair Market Rents (FMRs) for Housing Choice Vouchers and Seeks Comments by September 19, 2011
  2. Resources for Preparing for the Next Hurricane or Emergency
  3. HUD Awards Service Coordinator Grants
  4. HUD Announces Funds Awarded for Assisted Living Conversion
  5. FHA Multifamily Loans Volume Sets New Record, Revises MAP
  6. Congress Reconvenes on September 6th – Needs to Complete Action on FY2012 Appropriations

HUD 11-30
  1. A Fond Farewell
  2. Governor Confirms Charles Corley to Lead Elder Affairs
  3. New EIV Notice Released
  4. Online Training Required for EIV Users
  5. Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs
  6. Watch Webcast Then Apply for NOFA
  7. Weekend Reading from Lancaster Pollard’s Newsletter

  1.  Bed Bug Guidelines Released
HUD 11-29
  1. New HUD Director Named in Jacksonville
  2. HUD Notice H 2011-18 “Updated Processing Guidance for the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Programs”
  3. Florida Housing Reaches 160,000 Units Registered on Website
  4. HUD Releases New Guidelines for Prepayment & Refinancing “Old” Section 202 Projects
  5. The National Housing Trust Fund Needs Our Help

HUD 11-28
  1. North Tampa Housing Remains the State’s PBCA until Further Notice
  2. Utility Allowance Information for Tax Credit Properties Monitored by FHFC
  3. Subsidized Rental Housing Going Green
  4. Former Federal Web Sites Now Collected
  5. HUD 9250 Form Revised
  6. Jacksonville HUD Announces New Director of Project Management

HUD 11-27
  1. Florida’s Performance-Based Contractor Challenges Award
  2. Available Funding Opportunities
  3. HUD Releases New Preservation Website
  4. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Releases Report on Reforming Section 8

HUD 11-26
  1. Bill to Eliminate the National Housing Trust Fund Passes the Financial Services Subcommittee
  2. Feedback Requested on the FY 2010 Section 202 and Section 811 NOFAs
  3. HUD Looks for Investors for Public Housing
  4. House to Consider HUD Funding; Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue
  5. HUD Publishes 2011 HOME Rent and Income Limits

HUD 11-25
  1. Governor Signs Silver Alert Legislation
  2. Feedback Requested on the FY 2010 Section 202 and Section 811 NOFAs
  3. New HUD Study: More than $26 Billion Needed in Major Repairs to Public Housing
  4. $67 Million Available in Sustainable Communities Grants
  5. HUD Newsletter Focuses on Rental Housing Policy
  6. HUD Releases annual Homeless Assessment Report
  7. HOME Program Income Limits and Rent Limit Schedule Published
  8. Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants Feedback Requested


HUD 11-24
  1. Utility Allowance Clarification
  2. Are Social Security “Cents” Included as Income?
  3. Investing in Community Transformation – Free Grant Writing Workshop
  4. ASA Greenlee to Testify on Senior Hunger Issues
  5. New Wellness Cable Channel Planned in Florida
  6. Florida Small Cities CDBG Program Funding Availability  


HUD 11-23
  1. Housing Roundtables to be Held at Regional Meetings
  2. Focus on Energy Efficiency
  3. HUD Modifies Budget-Based Rent Adjustments
  4. Florida’s Growth Rate Lowest in 60 Years


HUD 11-22
  1. Jacksonville HUD Announces Acting HUB Director
  2. Faith/Community Based Symposium and Grant Writing Workshop
  3. Tax Credit Compliance in Section 8 Projects
  4. New 2011 Universal Application Announced


HUD 11-21
  1. HUD Publishes 2011 Income Limits
  2. FY 2011 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant Competition Webcast
  3. Green Refinancing Plus, an FHA and Fannie Mae Program
  4. State’s Raid on Trust Funds Bad Move


HUD 11-20
  1. Pinellas Park Building Receives New Life for Seniors
  2. HUD Issues New Preservation Policies
  3. HUD Seeks Comments on Section 8 Surveys
  4. HUD Solicits Comments on Choice Neighborhoods NOFA
  5. SAHF Responds to HUD’s Request for Comments
  6. Recent Harvard Study Indicates Demand for Affordable Housing


HUD 11-19
  1. Washington Post Investigation Published Regarding Public Housing
  2. HUD Releases Amendment to the Section 201 2010 NOFA
  3. HUD Updates FY 10 NOFA Program Information Pages
  4. HUD Streamlines Amend Rents Process


HUD 11-18
  1. LeadingAge Releases FY 11 and 12 Section 202 Budget Chart and Holds Meeting with CBPP
  2. HUD’s You Tube Channel Features 42 Videos – The Latest Features Secretary Shaun Donovan
  3. HUD User Releases Annual Adjustment Factors
  4. EHDOC Converts Connecticut School to Affordable Housing


HUD 11-17
  1. Congratulations to FAHSA Members Who Received Emergency Capital Repair Grants
  2. List Vacancies in HUD’s National Housing Locator Website
  3. HUD Announces Housing and Community Development Funding Opportunities
  4. Recent Federal Register Updates


HUD 11-16
  1. Governor Signs Three Bills of Interest
  2. Jacksonville HUB Announces New Acting Director
  3. REAC Training Videos Available
  4. HUD Issues New Notice for Advertising Requirements
  5. LeadingAge Offers Updates from Latest Conference
  6. Worst Case Needs of Persons with Disabilities Publication Published
  7. House Budget: Potential Impact on Housing and Community Development Programs for FY 2012


HUD 11-15
  1. Funding Approved for Remainder of FY 2011
  2. HUD Representatives Speak During LeadingAge Future of Aging Services Conference
  3. DOE Issues Updated List of Multifamily Properties Eligible for Weatherization Assistance
  4. CMS Releases Proposed Rule to Revise Section 1915(c) Waivers
  5. April is Fair Housing Month
  6. HUD Secretary – Why do you believe? 


HUD 11-14
  1. Secretary Shaun Donovan Delivers Message During LeadingAge’s Future of Aging Services Conference


HUD 11-13
  1. Section 202/811 SuperNOFA Funding and Webcast on Friday, April 8
  2. Blanket 30-day Extension 
  3. President Proposes Demonstration Project to Fund Public Housing Developments


HUD 11-12
  1. FHFC Explains Funding Questions
  2. History of State Housing Trust Funds
  3. FAHSA Members Attend Meeting at FHFC
  4. House to Create $400 Million Development Fund Controlled by Gov. Scott
  5. House Passes Medicaid Requiring Enrollment in Managed Care

HUD 11-11
  1. House and Senate Budgets Not Looking Good for Housing Trust Funds
  2. Participate in Weekly Advocacy Conference Calls
  3. Housing and Community Development Programs Mostly Spared in Stopgap Spending Bill
  4. EPD Completes Mitigation Training Module
  5. Bullying Articles Available for Discussions with Residents
  6. Gulf Coast Housing Revival

HUD 11-10
  1. Sadowski Coalition Holds Urgent Meeting Regarding FHFC Funding
  2. FAHSA Participates in National Housing Trust Preservation Group Conference Call
  3. JOBS FLORIDA Agency to Include Florida Housing Finance Corporation
  4. LeadingAge Housing Listserv Offers Good Information on Form 92006
  5. LeadingAge Releases Report on Key Changes to the Section 202 NOFA
  6. 2011 Annual Adjustment Factors Announced
  7. HUD Announces FY11 Grant Extension Guidance for Service Coordinator and Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) Grantees
  8. HUD Adds the Affordable Rental Housing Partnership Page on HUD USER Including Florida’s Affordable Housing Database

HUD 11-09
  1. FAHSA Unveils Highlights from the Hill: FAHSA Leads the Way Video Series during 2011 Legislative Session
  2. Section 202 NOFA Released
  3. Housing and Community Development Reports Released
  4. HUD Clips Form HUD 9887 – 9887 A Revised
  5. Weatherization Dollars Available for Multifamily Communities
  6. Report: House Spending Bill Renews Most Low-Income Rental Assistance but Would Undercut Efforts to Reduce Homelessness and Meet Other Critical Housing Needs 

HUD 11-08

  1. FAHSA Members Meet with Senator Nelson’s Staff
  2. PBCA Working Group Draft Transition Handbook Released
  3. HUD Requests Comments for Regulatory Review
  4. Options for Annual EIV Security Training
  5. HUD Releases New Multifamily Mortgage Limits
  6. Large Number of Owners Still Sending Payments to Lockbox


HUD 11-07

  1. HR 1 Includes Two Mistakes That Must Be Corrected 
  2. FHFC Releases White Paper that Examines Jobs
  3. Results from Background Check Survey
  4. HHS Announces $100 Million in Affordable Care Act Grants to States
  5. EIV System Errors/Missing Data 


HUD 11-06

  1. HUD Releases FY 2012 Budget and Briefing Webcast
  2. FHFC Publishes White Paper on Jobs Creation
  3. Two Surveys – Watch Your Email and Please Respond
  4. Administration Releases White Paper on Reforming Housing Finance Market 

HUD 11-05

  1. Florida Faces Loss of Thousands of Section 8 Units
  2. Scooter Policy Suggestions
  3. 2011 HUD Secretary’s Historic Preservation Award Deadline February 17th
  4. MacArthur Supports New Enhanced LIHTC Preservation Fund
  5. Section 8 Renewal Guide and M2M Operating Procedures Guide Set Policy for Renewing Section 8 Project Based Contracts 

HUD 11-04

  1. HUD Releases Policies and Procedures for the Conversion of Efficiency Units to One-Bedroom Units
  2. NOFA Announces Funding for Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing
  3. Notice of Availability: Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for HUD’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Assisted Living Conversion Program (ALCP) for Eligible Multifamily Housing
  4. HUD Launches a New One-stop Resource for Multifamily Online Systems Focused on Program Access and User/Password Maintenance Issues
  5. FHFC Universal Application Cycle Deadline Set
  6. Brookings Institute Releases Report on Energy-Efficiency in Multifamily Projects
  7. AHS Report Investigates High Rent Burdens
  8. Environmental Training Session Planned in Deltona, Florida


HUD 11-03

  1. HUD’s Budget Could be Reduced to FY ’08 Levels
  2. U.S. Senate and Representatives Release Committee Assignments
  3. HUD Hires Consultant to Provide Feedback on “Pain Points”
  4. HUD Announces New Interactive Website
  5. OPPAGA Releases Report on Waivers
  6. HUD, HHS Announce Joint Effort to Assist Nearly 1,000 Non-Elderly Persons With Disabilities to Move from Institutions to Independence
  7. HUD Proposes New Rule to Ensure Equal Access to Housing Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

HUD 11-02

  1. Staff Changes at the Jacksonville HUD Office
  2. More Information on DUNS
  3. Continuing Resolution Passes through March 4
  4. Positions Available at HUD Offices in Jacksonville and Miami
  5. Plan to Attend FAHSA’s Health Care Readiness Meeting on January 27

HUD 11-01

  1. Important Notice Regarding DUN and Bradstreet Numbering System
  2. HUD Notice of Public Information Grants Now Available
  3. Town Hall Meeting on Discrimination


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