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Volume 23 Issue 24 - June 3, 2016

Report Published on CCRC Contracts
By Mary Ellen Early

Continuing care contracts have been a topic of interest in Florida and elsewhere for some time. When LeadingAge Florida and FLiCRA were working on a proposed bill for the 2015 Legislative Session, we were surprised to learn about the diversity of continuing care business models. We found that many continuing care retirement communities that historically offered only traditional declining balance Type A contracts now offer more than one option including refundable entrance fee, fee-for-service and rental contracts. Much of the diversification occurred during the great recession which forced CCRCs to creatively address the financial challenges of prospective residents who were reluctant to relocate because of declining home values and concerns about income from investments. Although the economy has rebounded, rentals still remain an option for some Florida CCRCs, accounting for approximately 12% of independent living units.  

Why Everyone Should Care About Managed Care
By Dana McHugh

According to the latest data, about one in five Floridians is 65 or over, and nearly one out of two of them are choosing Medicare Advantage plans. That number has been rising for some time.

Join us next week for an important workshop to help aging services providers understand the potential impacts of these changes, to deliver the latest critical information about the plans and the nuances of their processes, and to help prepare for what may well be the next major shift in the aging services environment.

Since the transition of Florida’s Medicaid program to managed care, LeadingAge Florida’s Medicaid provider members have been acutely aware of the impact of that change, and the need to stay informed about the ways it is altering long-term care system.

Increasingly, though, managed care is no longer just a Medicaid issue for aging services providers.
7 - Educational Series (1 Meeting, 3 Locations) Why Everyone Should Care About Managed Care:  Join us for a workshop designed to help aging services providers understand the potential impacts of these changes, to deliver the latest critical information about the plans and the nuances of their processes, and to help prepare for what may well be the next major shift in the aging services environment.

14 - Preceptor Training, Location: Vicar's Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach:  This program prepares nursing home administrators to serve as Preceptors for students in the Administrator-In-Training (AIT) Program or College-Based Internship required for those planning on becoming licensed nursing home administrators. This preceptor training meets requirements set by the Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

16 - Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Exemption Webinar

22 - Risk Management in Long-Term Care Webinar: This webinar will emphasize risk management and survey deficiency exposures associated with care transitions and the importance of efficient processes for transferring patients from the acute-care hospital (ACH) to skilled nursing facility/nursing facility (SNF/NF) and from SNF/NF to ACH, including the emergency department (ED).

25-27 - 53rd Annual Convention & Exposition: Join us for motivational and educational sessions that explore how you can Be the Difference in the lives of the seniors you serve. 

Registration is OPEN for the 53rd Annual LeadingAge Florida Convention & Exposition!

10 -  Evidence Based Falls Risk Assessment & Intervention Webinar

23 - Preceptor Refresher Webinar

25 - It's Time to "Restore" Your Restorative Nursing Program Webinar

30 - ICD-10 Refresher Webinar

28 - Educational Series (1 Meeting, 3 Locations) Why Everyone Should Care About Managed Care

30 - Educational Series (1 Meeting, 3 Locations) Why Everyone Should Care About Managed Care

Waterman Village Honors Those Who Served On Memorial Day
Approximately 200 residents, friends, and family members attended a special Memorial Day Service in the Lodge parking lot.

Quality Assurance
Reach out to our Clinical & Compliance Specialist, Connie Cheren, RN, MSW at (678) 778-0561 or via  ccheren@LeadingAgeFlorida.org.  Connie is available to our members as a value-added service, paid for by LeadingAge Florida, to help answer questions before, during and after surveys OR anytime throughout the year! She can help nursing home and assisted living facility members improve regulatory compliance and clinical outcomes and to offer suggestions about survey results and corrective plans of action.
Sarasota Concert Association (See Page 7)
Plymouth Harbor resident Joy McIntyre is the current President of the Sarasota Concert Association, and in 2015 alone, she contributed more than 600 hours of service. Joy has been involved with SCA for more than 10 years now, and she describes the organization’s role as “bringing Carnegie Hall to Sarasota.”

QUICK HITS— IN THE NEWS…            
ALF Proposed Rulemaking - LeadingAge Florida Submits Comments To DOEA
On May 16, DOEA held a public hearing on additional proposed changes to specific sections of Rule 58A-5 FAC relating to assisted living facilities. Click here for a recap of the meeting. On May 26, 2016, LeadingAge Florida submitted written comments as a follow-up to the hearing.  This hearing was in follow-up to a March 23, 2016, Rule Development Workshop and was noticed as an opportunity to present evidence and arguments regarding the proposed rule changes as revised after the workshop. Many of the changes proposed are intended to implement statutory changes enacted after passage of ALF legislation during the 2015 Session. This was the first opportunity to comment on the revised Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication Guide which is incorporated into the rule by reference. If you have questions or need additional information, contact Daniel Looke, Senior Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, DOEA, at looked@elderaffairs.org or (850) 414-2096 or Susan Langston at slangston@leadingageflorida.org.

Message From CFO Jeff Atwater On Opening Hurricane Season: Insure, Secure, Recover
This week, I kicked off the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season with an event hosted at Florida International University’s Wall of Wind. The Wall of Wind is Florida’s premier large-scale hurricane testing facility capable of simulating a Category 5 hurricane—the largest on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Rating Scale.

Out of Reach 2016 Highlights Affordable Housing Crisis in Florida
The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) released its annual Out Of Reach report, which shows the mismatch between the wages people earn and the price of decent housing throughout the United States.

The Affordable Care Act: Strategies For Employers To Comply - And Succeed - Now
The enactment of the Affordable Care Act 2010 kicked off an extended period of sweeping changes to the American healthcare system. While many have already gone into effect, there are many more still to come. Is your workplace prepared?

Good Cause for Disenrollment from Health Plans Notice of Additional Hearing
AHCA has scheduled a public hearing for Rule 59G-8.600, Florida Administrative Code, Good Cause for Disenrollment from Health Plans. The hearing is scheduled for June 9, 2016, 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. ET. There will not be a phone call-in number available. 

CMS Releases 2017 Proposed Rule For IPPS
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposed rule that would update payment rates for approximately 3,300 acute care hospitals and 430 long-term care acute hospitals (LTCHs) across the country for discharges occurring on or after October 1, 2016. 

Maximizing Investment Returns for Entry Fee CRCCs
By Mary Morton, Scott Lowke, Ann O'Connell, & A.V. Powell

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) maintain several 'reserve' accounts. Some are required by law, some by the CCRCs charter, and some by their lenders. Most required reserve accounts have mandated investment restrictions. For the purpose of this discussion, we will be focusing on the pools of assets that are “unrestricted” in regard to investment policies.

Registration is OPEN for the 53rd Annual LeadingAge Florida Convention & Exposition!

Is An Older Economy A Weaker Economy
By Charles Davidson

Since the Great Recession, many people have asked Federal Reserve officials if they are penalizing senior citizens by keeping interest rates low. Questioners are concerned about retirees living mainly off savings and earning low rates on those savings.

VIDEO - 2015 Annual Report: Is an Older Economy a Weaker Economy?
Many forecasts call for slower economic growth in the coming decades, in some part because of the aging of the population. The Atlanta Fed's 2015 annual report explores this issue. 
Security/Emergency Monitoring Systems
Our goal at LeadingAge Florida is to increase member value for our provider members and our business members.  We are featuring various “categories” of business members to remind providers about the businesses available for them, and we hope you will consider them in planning your next project.
     • Accurate Biometrics
     • CISCOR Emergency Call Systems
     • Cornell Communications, Inc.
     • PalatiumCare
     • Protect-Alert Emergency Response Systems, Inc.
Saludos de Bobby Bernal… Hello From The Road With Value First!

This past week we had a few successful cost studies come back with some very favorable savings by using the same vendors. A few minutes of your time can mean thousands in savings!

The most important first step is to generate a cost report. All I need is one month of actual invoices, and I will do the rest of the work to provide you with an "apples to apples” pricing comparison. Please keep me posted on any new developments where Value First could possibly assist, whether it’s a quote or direction to any of the 400 contracted vendors or cost reports.

Doing a cost study through Value First you may find that what you thought was a good price three years ago, is no longer true. Over time, pricing for products change! Don’t take for granted that you are getting the best deal! Let Value First CONFIRM you are getting the best prices – or let us help you get the best prices – by doing a cost report.

Next week I will be meeting with all of my industry counterparts, Value First reps from all of our national affiliates. We will focus on best practices and how to bring to you more value in an efficient, streamlined and expeditious manner. To get a cost report conducted, call me at (850) 671-3700. 

Specials From Our Value First Partners

Look out in the very near future for information on the new improved incontinence products by our partners at TENA.

Sherwin Williams
:  Please see the new group-buy flier from Sherwin Williams for the months of May and June. To access special pricing you will need to have a L.O.P. on file. Please contact me if you need assistance.

Direct Supply:
 Trust Direct Supply to keep your large projects running smoothly. Please see the Capitol Projects Program by Direct Supply.

See you on the road


LeadingAge Florida Education Session With Connie Cheren
Regulatory & Compliance Expert Connie E. Cheren provided staff an informative education session focused on what concerns providers. Among other topics, Connie talked about certification, licensure, and restorative care in the nursing home.
Florida Ranks 24th For Healthiest Aging Adults
By Naomi Prioleau

Florida ranks 24th in the United States for being the healthiest states for aging adults, according to the 2016 America’s Health Ranking Senior Report.

Reading Beyond The Rankings
By Emily Mongan

What's driving these rankings?
There is something for everyone at the 53rd Annual LeadingAge Florida Convention & Exposition.

The LeadingAge Florida Convention wouldn’t be complete without group led discussion at our Roundtables. The Roundtables offer members an opportunity to engage in structured discussion of a topic/theme, without a formal presentation. Our experienced Roundtable Leaders will encourage attendees to engage in timely topics with their peers on issues most relevant to their field. Three Roundtable sessions are planned for this year’s Convention:
     • Service Coordinator Roundtable, Monday, July 25, 2016, 4:15 - 5:15 pm, 1.0 CEUs
     Led by Kathy Rhoden, Service Coordinator, Riverside Presbyterian House
     • Continuing Care Retirement Communities Roundtable, Tuesday, July 26, 2016,
     8:30 - 10:00 am, 1.5 CEUs

     Led by Melissa Andrews, Member Relations & Board Development, LeadingAge
     D. Bruce Jones, LeadingAge Florida CCRC Chair & CEO, LCPS Management, Inc.
     Mary Ellen Early, Public Policy Liaison, LeadingAge Florida.
     • Nursing Home Roundtable, Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 8:30 - 10:00 am, 1.5 CEUs
     Led by Jenny R. George, LeadingAge Florida Nursing Home Chair & Administrator,
     Good Samaritan Society – Florida Lutheran

Registration is OPEN for the 53rd Annual LeadingAge Florida Convention & Exposition!

Silent Auction Donations – LeadingAge Florida will host a Silent Auction at the Annual Convention, and is requesting donations. Some ideas for donated items include: jewelry, books, gift certificates, theme baskets, sport memorabilia or make a cash donation and leave the shopping to us! Click here for more information on the donations.  LeadingAge Florida is a nonprofit educational charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; therefore, your Silent Auction donation is fully tax-deductible.


According to the latest data, about one in five Floridians is 65 or over, and nearly one out of two of them are choosing Medicare Advantage plans. That number has been rising for some time.

To learn more about this phenomena, register to attend the Why Everyone Should Care About Managed Care Workshop.


New Sessions and NAB / HRCI Credits at Annual Convention: Three NEW informative educational sessions have been added to our current schedule! Don’t worry if you have already registered, you can switch sessions on the event day.

Need CEUs?: Upcoming Webinars - Register Today! Registration Fees: You pay one fee and invite as many of your employees as you wish from the same community to participate. The fee applies to each phone line that connects to each of the webinar's below.

LeadingAge Florida's 53rd Annual Convention - Have You Reserved Your Hotel Room Yet?: Boca Raton Resort and Club Offers Convention Guests Discounts! Unforgettable experiences await you in this world-class resort offering diverse amenities and activities, including the award-winning Waldorf Astoria Spa, tennis center, golf and a half-mile private beach.

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