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LeadingAge Florida Statement on the Nursing Home Prospective Payment System Budget Deal

“LeadingAge Florida applauds the Florida Senate and House of Representatives for recognizing that the proposed Prospective Payment System (PPS) plan needs more study, and for creating a workgroup to develop recommendations for the plan,” said Steve Bahmer, President & CEO of LeadingAge Florida. “LeadingAge Florida looks forward to working with the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Legislature, and other stakeholders to produce a fair and equitable PPS plan, one that ensures resident care dollars are spent on care rather than property, that guarantees accountability for how any new tax dollars are spent, and which ensures that the rate setting approach is reasonable in terms of how it treats nursing homes of various sizes and the different regions of the state, among other items.”

“LeadingAge Florida appreciates all of the hard work and effort put into creating a PPS for Medicaid nursing home residents. Over the past 10 months, our members have advocated vigorously for a payment system that is fair and equitable for all providers. LeadingAge Florida appreciates the steps taken by the Florida Legislature to further study this important issue,” Bahmer said.


For 54 years, LeadingAge Florida has served as an association of more than 250 mission-driven communities, including many of the highest rated nursing homes affected by the plan inserted into the Senate budget. LeadingAge Florida is proud to serve quality leaders who devote themselves to creating a culture of excellence that motivates and inspires others throughout the aging continuum. LeadingAge Florida’s members are trusted with providing quality care and services to Florida’s seniors. LeadingAge Florida promotes practices that support, enable and empower people to live fully as they age.