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Dear LeadingAge Florida Members,

Thank you for all the calls and emails that you sent into the Senate Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee in opposition to the Florida Health Care Association’s prospective payment system plan. Your outreach truly made a difference in showing that there is not a consensus that supports this plan that would only hurt Florida’s seniors.

But, we still need your help, as the plan is now a part of the budget adopted by the Senate Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee. While our ask of you is the same – call and email legislators – our targets have changed.

Our message is simple: This plan DOES NOT have consensus among nursing home providers and would negatively impact quality nursing homes across the State of Florida.

Below, please find all the contact information that you need to call and/or email these targets, helpful talking points on this issue, and an article written about the actions taken by the Senate Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee.

Thank you in advance for being a vocal opponent on this issue.

Senate Appropriations
Senator Jack Latvala
(850) 487-5016

Senator Anitere Flores
(850) 487-5039

Senator Aaron Bean
(850) 487-5004

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto
(850) 487-5027

Senator Lauren Frances Book
(850) 487-5032

Senator Randolph Bracy
(850) 487-5011

Senator Rob Bradley
(850) 487-5005

Senator Jeff Brandes
(850) 487-5024

Senator Oscar Braynon II
(850) 487-5035

Senator George B. Gainer
(850) 487-5002

Senator Bill Galvano
(850) 487-5021

Senator Audrey Gibson
(850) 487-5006

Senator Denise Grimsley
(850) 487-5026

Senator Bill Montford
(850) 487-5003

Senator Bobby Powell
(850) 487-5030

Senator David Simmons
(850) 487-5009

Senator Wilton Simpson
(850) 487-5010

Senator Kelli Stargel
(850) 487-5022

Since the House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee did NOT include FHCA’s PPS plan in its budget recommendation, we need to deliver a different message to the following House members than the message you are delivering to the Senate members. Please thank House members for recognizing that this issue needs much more discussion and tell them that there is NOT consensus on the FHCA plan. Urge them not to let this bad plan, which disproportionately hurts high-quality nursing homes and rewards low-quality facilities, be added to the budget.

House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee
Jason T. Brodeur
(850) 717-5028

Gayle Harrell
(850) 717-5083

David Richardson
(850) 717-5113

Daisy Baez
(850) 717-5114

Danny Burgess
(850) 717-5038

Colleen Burton
(850) 717-5040

Nicholas X. Duran
(850) 717-5112

Erin Grall
(850) 717-5054

Shevrin D. ''Shev'' Jones
(850) 717-5101

MaryLynn Magar
(850) 717-5082

Amy Mercado
(850) 717-5048

Cary Pigman
(850) 717-5055

Bob Rommel
(850) 717-5106

Cyndi Stevenson
(850) 717-5017

Frank White
(850) 717-5002

Talking Points
• The prospective payment system included in the budget adopted by the Senate Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee is a risky plan that puts Florida’s seniors, like me/the ones at our facility, on the line.
• This bad plan disproportionately hurts high-quality nursing homes and rewards low-quality facilities.
• It ignores the cost realities in some of our counties.
• It reduces the quality threshold a nursing home would have to reach to earn funding as a result of quality.
• It shifts $44 million in funding that would be spent on care to instead be spend on property, and it lacks any requirement that providers who receive new money under the plan spend the new dollars on care.
• Ultimately, it results in the highest-quality providers losing significant funding if the Legislature cannot guarantee new funding for Medicaid nursing home reimbursement for the next three years.
• I ask that as this budget item goes before you that you seriously consider the widespread, negative impacts that this bad plan will have on Florida’s high-quality nursing homes and its residents, like me/those at our facility.

Article of Interest
Florida Politics: Universal support for changes to nursing home payments? Not so fast …

We will continue to fight this – and we truly appreciate your help.

Susan Langston is the Vice President of Advocacy of LeadingAge Florida, a nonprofit statewide association representing the full continuum of care for seniors with members ranging from nursing homes to assisted living facilities to continuing care retirement communities.