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2017 Legislative Session –
Legislative Bulletin
Week Nine: May 5, 2017

2017 Legislative Session—Stay Informed!
LeadingAge Florida hosted our final Legislative Session Weekly Briefing conference call today. We thank all LeadingAge Florida members who took time out from your busy schedules to join us every Friday for our weekly updates.

Once the Legislature has adjourned and we have an opportunity to go through the budget and all of the last minute bills passed in the waning hours of Session, a final post-session report will be issued. The report will include a final bill tracking report. Included with this report is the latest copy of the LeadingAge Florida Legislative Bill Tracking Report.

Today’s recap reflects where these issues stand at this point. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all legislation passed, including the budget, is subject to final action by the Governor.

LeadingAge Florida 2017 Public Policy Priorities

  • Medicaid Prospective Payment System for Nursing Homes - Oppose the final model recommended by Navigant in the report to the Governor and Legislature, motivate LeadingAge Florida members to vigorously advocate against the implementation of the new payment plan, and present a fully developed alternative model incorporating the positive aspects of the Navigant plan without disrupting the current level of quality care provided.
  • Preserve the Certificate of Need for Nursing Homes.
  • Support FLiCRA’s proposed legislative changes to Chapter 651, FS, as modified by LeadingAge Florida’s internal workgroup.
  • Oppose the Office of Insurance Regulation’s proposed changes to chapter 651, F.S., until all stakeholders are involved in the process and have the opportunity to identify necessary changes and participate in the development of statutory language.
  • Use Housing Trust Funds for their intended purpose.
  • Support initiatives for innovative senior housing plus services models.

Activity on LeadingAge Florida Issues/Priority Bills

Medicaid Prospective Payment System for Nursing Homes
As reported in an alert to our members from LeadingAge Florida President/CEO Steve Bahmer, the House and Senate struck a budget deal earlier this week delaying the implementation of a PPS system for a year. A task force will be created to develop recommendations for the Legislature regarding the design of the PPS model.

Although the FHCA plan will be the basis of the discussions this summer, the bottom line is that there will be no PPS plan implemented this year.
The months of advocacy efforts in support of good public policy have paid off. There is no doubt that this flawed plan would have moved forward this year without the engagement and hard work of LeadingAge Florida members.

Looking forward to 2018, we will work with AHCA, the Legislature, and other stakeholders to continue developing a payment system that truly rewards high-quality providers.

Medicaid Managed Care
As previously reported, legislation related to the issue of nursing home reimbursement was included in HB 7117 by the House Health & Human Service Committee. HB 7117, generally, makes changes to the state’s mandatory Medicaid managed care program — both the long-term care program and the managed medical assistance component. It would consolidate the number of regions across the state from 11 to eight and restructure those regions. The redesigned regions affect both the long-term care program and the managed medical assistance program. As passed by the House, the bill included a provision requiring negotiated rates for nursing homes.

The Senate took the bill up this week, struck the provisions of the bill and amended it to include the provisions of SB 682 providing for a carve-out of nursing homes in the LTC Medicaid Managed Care program, and other commercial insurance provisions. The bill was passed by the Senate and sent to the House, where the House stripped the Senate amendment, added changes to the Medicaid managed care program originally in the bill and sent it back to Senate. As of this report, the Senate has not yet taken the bill back up.

Certificate of Need for Nursing Homes
Repeal of certificate of need for hospitals, nursing homes and hospice is dead for this Session.

Continuing Care Community Regulatory Reform
Continuing Care Retirement Community legislation is dead for this year.

Health Care Facility Regulation
The Agency for Health Care Administration’s (AHCA) healthcare regulatory reform package that clarified statutory requirements, eliminated confusion, and allowed the AHCA to operate more efficiently, is dead for this Session.

Budget Items
PACE - no additional funding, no new slots
Home Care for the Elderly - $1 million in new funding (about a 300 person reduction in the wait list)
Community Care for the Elderly - $4 million in new funding (about a 500 person reduction in the wait list)
Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative - $3 million in new funding (about a 300 person reduction in the wait list)
Personal needs allowance for nursing home residence remains at the current $105 per month level
PPS gets no funding but proviso directs AHCA to create a workgroup of industry representatives and interested parties to come up with recommendations for transitioning to a prospective payment system,

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