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LeadingAge Florida Recognizes 
National Caregivers Day

On National Caregivers Day (September 15), LeadingAge Florida would like to recognize the compassionate men and women who serve Florida’s elderly population.

“All across our state, our devoted members serve and assist thousands of Florida seniors every day. National Caregivers Day is a tribute to the hardworking men and women who provide these critical services,” said LeadingAge Florida President & CEO Steve Bahmer. “Caregivers provide care and services ranging from personal care to medical services with faith, hope, love and utmost professionalism. On National Caregivers Day, we recognize, applaud, and honor caregivers who provide help to those most in need.”

National Caregivers Day recognizes caregivers provide quality, compassionate care every day. One such caregiver stands out this year - the 2016 LeadingAge Florida Caregiver of the Year – Linda “Fay” Nettles of OakBridge Terrace Assisted Living of Indian River Estates.

Linda was recognized at the 53rd Annual LeadingAge Florida Convention and Exposition for her remarkable service.

In her nomination for the award, Linda was recognized for demonstrating “loving-kindness” in every aspect of her job and her personal life. Caring for others is in every fiber of her being, according to the nomination.

In 2004, Fay’s nephew and his wife were tragically killed in an auto accident, leaving behind two girls under 18 months of age. In 2006, she legally adopted the girls, and she continues working full-time while juggling parental responsibilities. Fay instilled in the girls a great respect for their elders, as they have become a part of the OakBridge Terrace family.

She has a special calling to care for those near the end of life. Nettles demonstrates patience, compassion and love as caregiver and is a terrific role model for others. Fay brings home resident clothes that need a button replaced or a cuff hemmed or just a good ironing.

One of the residents says, “She provides ‘absolute care.’ She truly cares about her residents and is the best we have in Assisted Living. She comes to check on me often to see if I need anything, she is very devoted to her residents – she is conscientious in everything she does.”

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