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LeadingAge Florida Offers Alternative PPS Plan that Protects Seniors; Preserves Funding for Highly Rated Nursing Homes

Tallahassee, Fla. – As the Florida Senate and House of Representatives begin budget conference, LeadingAge Florida today offered an alternative Prospective Payment System (PPS) plan, that was delivered to Representative Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford), chair of the House health care budget subcommittee, along with other House members serving on the budget subcommittee, that would protect Florida seniors and preserve funding to highly rated nursing homes. To view the cover letter and plan, please click here or visit

The current PPS plan, which was included in the Florida Senate budget and LeadingAge Florida continues to oppose, would make significant funding cuts to 152 four- and five-star nursing homes, while 97 one- and two-star nursing home facilities would receive substantial additional funding.

LeadingAge Florida’s proposed alternative PPS plan, however, minimizes losses and gains, is not dependent on $57 million in new funding and does not shift $44 million from direct care to property.

“We wanted to offer an alternative PPS plan to demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to work with lawmakers and other stakeholders to develop a plan that holds highly rated nursing homes harmless, directs money to care rather than property, and protects our seniors, while still moving toward a prospective payment model,” said Steve Bahmer, president & CEO of LeadingAge Florida. “The reality is, under the Florida Senate’s proposed PPS plan, 312 of our state’s nursing homes would lose upwards of $90 million. Worse, 97 poorly rated homes would gain $29 million. We don’t believe this is good public policy and we believe our plan is a better alternative that merits consideration as the legislature begins budget conference.”

The alternative plan LeadingAge Florida developed would address a number of policy concerns, including the following:
     • Recognizing size and geographic location variations in staffing and operating costs;
     • Establishing reasonable payment limits and incorporating quality incentives;
     • Eliminating the concern that the Senate plan does not require one- and two-star
       nursing homes to spend new funding on quality; and,
     • Is not dependent on a 5-year transition period.

“We respectfully ask that lawmakers in both the Senate and the House take a moment to consider the real and damaging effects that the Senate’s PPS plan will have on our seniors, and consider an alternative – or delay implementation of a PPS plan until all parties come to a fair and equitable solution that holds our seniors and high-quality nursing homes harmless,” concluded Bahmer.

To learn more about LeadingAge Florida, please visit, and @LeadingAgeFL.

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For 54 years, LeadingAge Florida has served as an association of more than 250 mission-driven communities, including many of the highest rated nursing homes affected by the plan inserted into the Senate budget. LeadingAge Florida is proud to serve quality leaders who devote themselves to creating a culture of excellence that motivates and inspires others throughout the aging continuum. LeadingAge Florida’s members are trusted with providing quality care and services to Florida’s seniors. LeadingAge Florida promotes practices that support, enable and empower people to live fully as they age.